DIY: Dried Ferns in Vintage Glass Window

I've been having trouble getting any plants to grow in my bathroom because of the lack of light. I rotate hanging plants in there, but nothing seems to be able to fully live in the bathroom full time. So, I made this dried fern window to add color and make it feel like there is some plant life (even if they are dried). It's not a difficult project, but will take a little time and patience. But the end result is quite pretty and adds a pop of greenery to those rooms you can't get plants to grow in. 

STEP 1: 
Buy or find an old window frame. It can be any size you'd like for the space you have in mind. You might find one at a garage or estate sale, I found mine at The ReBuilding Center here in Portland. Sand and seal (or paint) the front if you'd like, and add some picture hanging hooks to the back.

Vintage window
STEP 2: 
This is the fun part! (in my opinion). Go on a little adventure, or just a walk around your neighborhood, and pick flowers, or ferns, or whatever the plant is that you would like dried and hanging in your bathroom. Get a big book and place them in carefully between the pages to dry. I left mine in there for about a month, and they were perfect. You can get more info on drying flowers on the Design Mom blog. 
Dried ferns in book
STEP 3: 
Buy any glue from the store that is made for glass and dries clear, I used DAP. I will say that this glue did really well, but it didn't dry 100% clear. I was a little bummed, but when I hung it on a white wall it was not noticeable at all. So, white walls are recommended as a place to hang your art to avoid any noticeable dried glue (plus they make the fern's color pop). 
clear glue 
Cut your ferns (or flowers) to the sizes you'd like. Lay them out on the glass to see how you want them to be positioned before gluing. Make sure you have the front of the fern facing out (face down) so you can see the colorful part of the pressed plant when you hang the finished project. It would be a bummer to accidentally glue them in backwards!   
dried ferns
Then go to work! (Somehow I missed taking a photo of this part...Sorry). Pick up each fern, place a few drops of glue on the glass, and press the fern back down into the glue. If you get a pair of tweezers it will help you carefully pick up the dried ferns and place them back down in the correct spot. A few small heavyish objects (I used small mason jars) will help keep the fern flat until it's fully dried when you glue them down (don't put the jar directly on top of the glue! It can stick). I placed a couple drops of glue on each fern, from the top to the center and the bottom, and along a few ends of the leaves. 

You're finished! Let the ferns dry in the frame face down for about an hour, just to make sure everything is dried. Then hang it up and turn your bathroom into a little jungle! 
dried ferns in glass

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