Ways I'm removing single use plastics from my life

November 10, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

I've been working towards a more earth conscious life over the years, and every year I feel like I pick up a few small new habits and ways of doing things that get me closer to where I'd like to be. Here are the changes I've made in 2020:

I started using biodegradable sponges made from plant based fibers. They work great at scrubbing and cleaning, and while they do eventually start breaking down a little, it's not until you would be at that point where it's time to replace your sponge anyways. Bonus-they don't get as stinky and gross as my old ones did.

I started using Bite Toothpaste. I love this brand, they make toothpaste bites that you pop into your mouth, chew up a bit, and activate with your wet toothbrush. It might sound weird at first, but they work so well and foam up like regular toothpaste. No more plastic toothpaste tubes!

I switched to deodorant and shampoo bars from By Humankind. I love the concept they came up with for their deodorant, the containers are refillable! And it actually works. What a dream :-)

I am a huge fan of leftovers, and I always seem to have some after a meal at a restaurant. I bought a collapsible container with a snap top that I keep in my purse. I no longer have to "ask for a box" every time we eat out (which is far less in 2020, but it still happens). 

Thanks for reading and sharing this! Remember, small changes can have big impacts over time. We CAN make positive change, one little (or big) step at a time. 

Lots of Love, 

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Maureen Rauch
Maureen Rauch

November 11, 2020

Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Its up to all of us to make a difference and help with climate change!

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