Handmade Kids’ Pinafores

Pinafores are a classic piece of clothing. Kids’ pinafores are just as popular as their full-size companions. Kids’ pinafore dresses are one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your child’s wardrobe. They work perfectly as kids’ aprons but can also serve as a cute layering piece for day-to-day wear.

The Best Kids’ Pinafore Dresses on the Market

Portland Apron Company’s kids’ pinafores are just one of our many high-quality linen products. Our products are made in the USA with organic materials and labor. When you give your kids one of our children's pinafore dresses, you'll know they have a well-made product made from natural fibers and eco-friendly textiles.

Order Kids’ Pinafores Today

Kids’ pinafore dresses are a must-have for any child who enjoys arts and crafts. Our children’s pinafores dresses are functional and stylish, making them a perfect option for anyone looking to add to their child’s wardrobe. Our pinafores for kids are available for children of all ages and sizes. Shop our collection of kids’ pinafores today!