I work with a local company here in Portland that does beautiful embroidery work. If you would like to have your aprons embroidered with the logo / image of your choice, please note the details below:

Minimum / 12 pieces

Price / On average each apron is $5-8 to be embroidered / The company charges a one time set up fee for each original design ($25-$35) / Time spent driving to and from to drop off the embroidery order is added at the end. If you are in Portland, you are welcome to work with them directly to avoid that last charge.

Time / Please allow up to two extra weeks on your order for the embroidery time

You will need to email me a JPEG of the design you would like / how many inches tall x wide / where you would like it placed on the apron / what color(s) the thread should be (the more the complexity, the higher the cost, max. 10 colors).