Organic Fabrics

I work with three textile companies to supply my organic fabrics. Two of them are woman owned and operated, and all are based in the USA. The main fabric I carry is hemp linen. This fabric is made from hemp + lyocell (a natural fiber created from wood pulp) and feels very much like linen. It is strong yet soft, beautiful and durable, and is a certified Sustainable Biodegradable Product. It supports living wages in farming communities, as well as paid maternity leave, health benefits, child care, housing and meals for employees. All of the fabrics I carry are dyed with low impact dyes. 
When I'm creating a new style I do my best to create a low waste pattern design so that the least amount of fabric is wasted. I continue to use the leftover pieces in other projects until they are too small, and at that point I donate them and recycle them.