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Kids aprons can be a catalyst for fun. Kids are always ready to discover something new and exciting, whether baking or cooking in the kitchen with you, experimenting with science, creating an award-winning mud pie outdoors, or painting a masterpiece. Children's aprons help expand the experience and freedom to nourish their creativity and individuality. When kids have their own apron, they feel involved and ready to take on a bigger role in the kitchen, outdoors, or anywhere life happens. Of course, a child’s apron plays a role in helping keep their clothes free of messes, but it gives them the freedom to make those messes.


Kids Aprons For Arts And Crafts


When choosing the best aprons for kids, find one that fits your kid's style and personality while protecting their clothing. Read on to learn more about how you can choose the best apron for your children to wear.

What To Look For When Choosing Childrens Aprons

When choosing aprons for kids, you want to choose one with all the functions they need and a style they'll love to wear. There are a lot of aprons on the market, and it can be overwhelming to shop for the perfect one. These features are the essentials to look out for when in the market for an apron to protect your kid's clothing.

  • Patterns and Colors – The apron your kids wear can be a statement on their personality. There are simple colors or beautiful designs to choose from, but you'll want to find one they'll love to put on. 
  • Fabrics – Kids are more likely to wear an item if it feels soft and comfortable, even if it is over their clothing. The fabrics in an apron should feel good to the touch, be free from harmful chemicals, and strong enough to protect clothes. The best handmade kids' aprons are made from natural fibers and eco-friendly organic textiles. A linen-cotton blend is a great choice for a softer feel, while a cotton canvas (duck) material is better for more messy projects.
  • Easy to Put on and Take Off – Kids don't want to wait to help you cook or play in the garden. Putting on an apron should be quick and easy with a simple slip-on and a quick tie. Luckily most aprons are pretty simple. 
  • Washable – Life with children can be busy, and the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning the mess off aprons. Choose an apron that you can wash with your regular laundry with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. 
  • Size – Size is important when choosing a kid's apron. You want to make sure the apron covers the clothing but doesn't hang down too low or become a tripping hazard. Children's aprons are available in two sizes, so you can get the coverage needed by each age group. An adjustable neck strap in an apron is a plus to get a great fit and adjust as your kids grow.
  • Pockets – Look for multiple pockets on the apron, so kids can have their tools with them as they move around.

The Different Types Of Aprons For Kids

We like two styles of aprons that are perfect for children for any occasion: a traditional everyday apron and a pinafore apron. No matter the activity, you can't go wrong with choosing either type of apron, but there are subtle differences between the two.


Everyday Apron. The everyday kid's apron is a traditional apron that hooks over the neck and ties in the back. It's a versatile apron that you can adjust around the neck to fit perfectly and ties in the back for the ultimate coverage.

Everyday Aprons For Kids


Children's Pinafore Apron. Whether your children are gardening, painting, doing arts and crafts, or just doing chores around the house, kid’s pinafores are perfect for them. Pinafore aprons are quick to put on and slide on without ties. These aprons cross in the back for an effortless throw-on style without ties. They are also great as children's pinafore dresses - a versatile option for dressing up on a family night out.

Pinafore Aprons For Kids

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