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Beautiful linens can add flair to your dining room or kitchen! Purchasing them can be exciting, from choosing matching tea towels to finding the perfect table runner. Like many homes, there never seems to be enough storage space, especially if you live in a smaller home or apartment. Knowing how to store linens you use regularly can be tricky without a designated linen closet.


Tablecloth Storage Ideas from Portland Apron Company


Whether you’re storing your tablecloths, placematshand towels, or linen napkins, great storage space for your linens protects them from fading or becoming damaged over time, allowing you to continue using them year after year. Instead of throwing your linens wherever they fit, here are some excellent table linen storage ideas for your home. 

How to Store Table Linens

Finding storage for linens can be challenging when not in use. These clever table linen storage ideas are the perfect solution for any home.

  1. Use Your Pantry – If you have a home with a pantry, you can designate a shelf for your linens. Bring in a few decorative baskets or bins to keep them in order. With storage in the pantry, your linens are close by where you need the most, in the kitchen dining room. You can also install a rod in the pantry if it’s a walk-in to use hangers to drape your linens and reduce folds and wrinkles.
  2. Try Furniture – Furniture can be repurposed as a decorative place for linen and tablecloth storage in your dining room. It can be an antique dresser or a new modern cabinet with clean lines. There are endless opportunities to find the perfect furniture that matches your dining room aesthetic. You can find a small chest with drawers if you’re limited in space or a big decorative piece to draw the eye.
  3. Under-the-Bed Storage Containers – For those smaller homes and apartments, you can find a storage container, basket, or linen storage bags that you can easily slide under your bed or place in any closet or area it may fit. It’s the perfect hideaway for linens that don’t create clutter or take up too much space. To prevent wrinkles and folds and maximize your space, roll your lines around a tube or on their own and secure them with a rubber band.
  4. Bench Storage – Add a decorative hinge top bench to your dining room, giving you seating and the perfect place to store your linens. It can be an elegant, stylish bench that adds a bit of flair to your décor and provides a storage area allowing you to access your table linens when preparing your dining area quickly.
  5. Hang Them Up – A great way to store your table linens and prevent wrinkles is the hang them up in a closet or a designed armoire. Fold them gently, hang them over a padded hanger, and only use one piece of linen per hanger. This is a perfect way to store tablecloths or oversized table linens. You can install hanging rods in a closet or the back of the pantry door to hang your linens for quick and easy access.


Cloth Napkin Storage Basket

The Best Way To Store Linens Properly

Finding the perfect storage spot for your linens can help prolong their life, but how your store them is just as important. These tips can help you store your linens, avoid wrinkles, folds, and damage, and keep them fresh.

  • Clean and press linens before storing them to remove food particles and wrinkles. 
  • Fold linens and store them with the edges facing the back of the storage for a cleaner look and to prevent wrinkles and accidental damage. When exposed, the edges can get messy when opening the storage container or closet or get caught on the door. 
  • Roll your linens to reduce wrinkles and help reduce the amount of space they can take up.
  • Ensure the storage area has plenty of ventilation to allow airflow and freshen your linens.
  • Refold your linens at least twice a year to reduce wear and tear.

Learning how to store linens allows you to prolong their life and continue to be able to use them for years. Try any of these best ways to store linens long-term or when you need them easily accessible in your home.


Tablecloth Storage Ideas

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There are a lot of linens on the market, and choosing linens for your home is exciting! Purchase beautiful table linens that fit your aesthetic; décor doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Follow our table linen storage ideas to keep them fresh and beautiful for years!

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