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If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, love to garden, have a messy job, or love to paint, having a good apron on hand is always a great idea. Knowing how to put on a cross-back apron can protect your clothing from spills and stains and serve as storage for easy-to-reach utensils and necessities as you move about your workspace.


The importance of wearing a good quality apron cannot be understated. Cross-back aprons are one of the top choices for people everywhere. Not only are they stylish and look great, but they are incredibly functional. This guide will show you how to tie a cross-back apron easily for the ultimate comfortable fit allowing you to take on whatever messes come your way.  

Why Choose a Cross Back Apron

There are dozens of different kinds of aprons in use today with many sizes, shapes, storage, and straps. Traditional aprons with a neck strap can pull down on your neck, especially when carrying items in your pockets. The extra weight can cause pain and tension in your upper back and shoulders causing you to slouch, leaving you with back pain and poor posture. 

The cross-back apron has quickly become the superior choice for professionals and homemakers alike. Cross-back aprons are a necessity when you need protection and comfort. With a design made to make slipping on an apron effortless, the cross back relieves many of the issues caused by a traditional apron. The cross straps relieve the weight on your neck and relieve tension in your shoulders. By sending the straps across your shoulders, you can find relief and even improve your posture. 

Here's How to Tie a Cross Back Apron

Cross-back aprons are designed to fit perfectly to support your back and prevent the apron from slipping, leaving your clothing vulnerable. Whether you're going with the Split Leg Linen Smock Apron or the Block Smock Japanese Apron, our cross-back aprons are easy to put on! Just follow these simple instructions.


How to Tie a Cross Back Apron Video


Hold your apron with the front of the apron facing away from your body. Place your hands on one side of the strap in each hand. Slip the apron over your head into the opening between the straps. As you pull the apron over your head, slip your arms into each armhole. Pull down the rest of the apron to ensure it covers your clothing and fits snuggly.

How to Tie an Apron

A cross-back apron is one of the easier aprons to put on quickly whenever you need it most. For most traditional aprons, managing the ties can feel like putting together a puzzle. Some ties are longer than others, and you want to avoid them hanging down low or even tying them in a way that could cause discomfort. 

If your apron has a neck loop, you can start by slipping it over your head and adjusting it if needed to ensure it is up high enough to protect your clothing. If it has loose ends instead, tie aprons behind your head with a simple knot.


How To Tie A Apron


For the waist straps, you have two options for securing your apron, depending on which one feels most comfortable for you. You can bring your apron strings behind your back by taking one string in each hand, bringing them together behind you, and tying them in a simple knot or bow. 

You can also bring the apron strings around to tie them in the front. Take one string in each hand, cross your apron ties behind you, and bring them around to the front. Make sure not to tie your apron too tight so you can move freely. Check your apron by tugging on the front to ensure your apron is nice and secure. 

There are so many great uses for a cross-back apron that can be used by professional chefs, home cooks, artists, gardeners, and more. A cross-back apron can add an extra layer of protection between your clothing and your outfit. Plus, they are cuter, comfier, and more convenient options than a traditional strappy apron alternative.


Woman arranging flowers wearing a green cross back apron


Choosing an apron that fits well, is stylish, and has the utility you need while protecting your clothes doesn't have to be a challenge. Portland Apron Company offers a great selection of styles and sizes, from the Prairie Smock Apron to the popular Children's Pinafore Apron. Discover the great selection by browsing our collection of cross-back aprons at Portland Apron Company!


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